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Cropped Roll-Neck Jumper

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Line dry, care do not bleach, dry clean, any solvent except tetrachloroethylene, do not wash, iron at low temperature.





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222040-114ProductCropped Roll-Neck Jumper

material Alpaca

alpaca material

Material Alpaca

Alpacas are gentle, camel-like animals native to the high Andes mountains of South America. For thousands of years, their soft and glossy coats have been sheared and then spun into a luxurious yarn. Its beauty and durability made it the cloth of the ancient Incan royalty. The yarns are commonly airy and light, with surprising strength and elasticity. Still a luxury fibre, alpaca is used for fancy-knit jumpers and soft knitted accessories.

Like sheep’s wool, alpaca is naturally warm and water-repellent but much softer and suited to sensitive skin due to its smoother surface and lack of lanolin. Because the animals are only sheared every other year, their fine fibres grow exceptionally long – up to 30 centimetres. Hollow shafts in the centre of the fibres absorb and trap body heat, giving the material unique insulation properties. The fleece come in over 300 shades and is mostly used in its natural colours.

Care Wool

Merino wool, lambswool, mohair – there are many different types of wool. Most do not need to be washed that often and can be spot cleaned where needed and simply aired out.

When you do wash wool, always check the instructions on the care label first and either wash it by hand or in the delicate cycle on your washing machine on a low temperature and with a mild detergent. Put wool in a mesh washing bag to prevent snagging and felting.

To avoid stretching the wool fibres, do not wring wool clothes and always dry them flat, preferably on a towel to absorb any extra moisture. Ironing after washing helps to restore the material’s natural sheen – use a steam iron on the wool setting and a pressing cloth.

Supplier Fujian Wanjiamei textile clothing

Based in the city of Quanzhou – which lies on the coast between Guangzhou and Shanghai – the Fujian factory designs and manufactures high-quality heavy knits. The company was founded in 2006, and its 1,500 employees are skilled in yarn winding, knitting panels, linking and special workmanship techniques – like advanced embroidery and traditional intarsia knitting by hand. With a number of quality and environmental certifications, Fujian reduces their waste and emissions by employing a better utilisation rate of raw materials. They are crafting heavy-knit pieces for ARKET, using all of their advanced skills – including embroidery and hand knitting. 



Mélange yarns are made with top-dyed fibres of different shades, spun together, and are used to create heathered and luminous knitted fabrics.

From the French word meaning ‘mixture’ or ‘medley’, the process of creating mélanges has a smaller impact on the environment than dyeing a finished cloth.

Dyeing and blending fibres before spinning saves water and energy, reduces emissions and creates subtle variations that result in a much deeper, richer colour.

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