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French Terry Tracksuit Shorts

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, Bangladesh

Supplier information is updated periodically but discrepancies can occur. Contact our customer service if you have any questions regarding a supplier or our transparency policy.

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Line dry, iron at medium temperature, wash at or below 40°c , dry clean, any solvent except tetrachloroethylene, only non-chlorine bleach.


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132001-201ProductFrench Terry Tracksuit Shorts

program Cotton GSM


program Cotton GSM

ARKET differentiates the number of knitting needles used in its specially designed series of yarn counts to create a core collection of jersey materials in four different weights.

GSM, a standard measurement of fabric weights in textile trading, stands for grams per square metre and indicates the material’s density. A high-GSM fabric is typically knitted with shorter loops and is thus thicker and more compact, while a lower GSM denotes a finer and more loosely knitted material.

Customised machine settings yield a variety of knitted fabrics characterised by firmness and balance. The resulting array of fabric weights allows garment patterns to be replicated in varying textures for different applications. The reiteration of a single-source cotton fibre throughout a range of ARKET yarns generates a framework for exploring the raw material’s potential.

fabric French terry

Fabric French terry

French terry is a stretchy, knitted-jersey fabric characterised by its two different surfaces. The one commonly used as the front has a flat and smooth texture and the side facing the body features a structure of uncut loops. Made of cotton, the fabric is soft and airy and like, terry cloth, which is a woven fabric with loops on both sides, it is highly moisture-absorbent. The longer the loops, the more moisture can be absorbed.

French terry is often used in sportswear, warmup wear and children’s clothes. The fabric’s athletic origins go back to 1920s Alabama, US, when a manufacturer of women’s and children’s underwear began sewing football shirts for a local college team. Using the cotton jersey underwear material to outfit the players, the factory created what ultimately became the classic sweatshirt.

french terry

Supplier Flamingo fashion

Flamingo Fashion is part of a Dhaka-based conglomerate called DBL Group, one of the top-five apparel and textile manufacturers in Bangladesh. Founded in 1991, they take a holistic approach to sustainability; they have a number of environmental and organic textile certifications, and procure their raw materials from responsible sources – like the Better Cotton Initiative, which promotes better standards in cotton farming. They also offer positive working conditions for its 28,000 employees, with a day-care centre, skills development courses and a shop that sells a variety of items at subsidised prices. Flamingo Fashion is making ARKET knitted tops, bottoms and jumpers for men and women, as well as nightwear for babies and kids. 

Program Jersey Yarn Project™


program Jersey Yarn Project™

32mm extra-long staple cotton fibres are the starting point for ARKET’s jersey collection. Three different yarn counts – 26Ne, 30Ne and 32Ne – have been carefully selected and developed as a creative framework for exploring the full potential of the raw material. Working with a small set of unique yarns also ensures consistent quality and contributes to a more cost-efficient production process.

Depending on the combination of yarn count (weight and fineness) and number of plies, gauge (number of needles per inch) and method of construction, a single yarn will yield a virtually endless variation of textures, tensions and shapes – from smooth single jerseys to piqués, ribs or pointelles in different weights. The number of needles used for each knit is customised to the respective yarn which enhances the natural properties of the fibre and provides balance and body to all fabrics.

Yarn spun from extra-long staple cotton is both softer and stronger than conventional cotton. The longer fibre means that fewer ends are exposed, resulting in a smoother and tighter yarn and in turn a more durable garment that retains its colour, keeps its shape and resists pilling. Ring spinning, which is the method used for the Jersey Yarn Project, creates an even softer and more durable result.

Supplier Huafu

Based in Shenzhen, China, Huafu is the world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of mélange yarn in the industry. With about 30,000 employees and five production facilities all over China and Vietnam, the company has been innovative in its use of colour and composition to craft medium-to-high grade, top-dyed mélange yarns. The Chinese stock exchange-listed company has been granted 54 patents in technologies like loose-fibre dyeing and spinning since its founding in 1993. With a focus on more sustainable materials and production processes, it is making organic and pima cotton as well as recycled poly-melange yarns for ARKET.

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