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Double Indigo Denim Jacket

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Made in
Pimkie Apparels

, Bangladesh





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142048-365ProductDouble Indigo Denim Jacket

Technique G2 wash

Technique G2 Wash

G2 is one of the washing and finishing methods used for ARKET garments. The innovative process converts air from the atmosphere into ozone to cleanse fabrics from impurities and dye residue, significantly reducing water and energy usage.

The procedure can be further applied to achieve a variety of visual finishes like fading and bleaching – without any need for toxic chemicals. After the process is complete, the gas is converted back into purified air and released into the atmosphere.

Used for both knitted, jersey and woven fabrics including denim, the G2 treatment creates a soft and broken-in feel.

supplier Kuroki

supplier Kuroki

Kuroki is a manufacturer of selvedge denim with a long tradition in the textile industry. The company is located in Okayama of western Japan – the birthplace and ‘capital’ of Japanese denim – and has been specialised in the production of high-quality denim twills since 1970, using traditional indigo dyes to achieve unmistakable blue shades.

Kuroki’s qualities range from soft and lightweight 5 oz. to super-heavyweight 28 oz. denims, all woven on vintage Toyota shuttle looms manufactured before 1960. Shuttle looms allow for weaving with low tension and produce fabric rolls with a self-bound edge, selvedge, either in solid colours or jacquard patterns.

Praised for its depth, the authentic look of Kuroki’s 100 per-cent cotton denim is achieved through a traditional rope-dying process that has been used for indigo dyes for centuries. Because the yarns are dyed bundled together, the core of each yarn stays white and the shade varies slightly between the inside and outside yarns. This intentional unevenness is transferred into the fabric, giving it an organic and handmade expression.

The Kuroki mill currently employs 63 skilled professionals, who combine time-honoured methods with industry innovations to produce quality fabrics with a long lifespan.

fabric Twill

Photo: Handweaving.net

Twill is one of the most common fabrics in the modern closet, woven for everything from denim jeans and chino trousers to dress shirts and gabardine jackets. Its tell-tale diagonal pattern makes it a rugged, reliable material for structured garments.

One of three fundamental types of weaves – the other two are plain weave and satin – twill is woven with a ‘step’ that gives it its iconic diagonal appearance. One thread crosses over one or more threads before moving under two or more threads. The pattern is repeated but ‘steps up’ one thread in the weave, creating a staircase effect.

The step construction makes twill wrinkle-resistant and helps it drape well with a softer and more pliable feel. The diagonal texture means that stains are less noticeable than they would be on a smooth surface, making it a solid choice for work wear as well as upholstery.

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