Privacy notice - Arket's social media pages

H&M Group has its own social media page from where we engage with the users and where the users engage with us in an easy way. The H&M Group operating the web page is responsible and controller of all processing of personal data taken place in the context of use of the web page. 

 Also, the operator of the social media platform processes personal data on in their own commercial interest. This legal person too is to this extent another data controller who carries out data processing upon whom we have only a limited influence. In those places where we practically can exert control and parameterize the data processing, we work to the best of our ability towards the operators of the social media platform to ensure an effective and comprehensive data protection.

Data processing undertaken by us

Why and how we use your personal data?

The data you share with us on our social media pages, such as comments, videos, pictures, likes, public messages, etc., are published by the social media platform and are at no time used or processed by us for purposes other than publicity and communication. We retain the right to delete content if the content is inappropriate or violates any terms and conditions for the applicable social media page.

We may share your content on our website if this is a function of the social media platform and communicate with you via the social media platform. If you post an enquiry to us on the social media platform we will, after any required response, also refer you to other safer methods of communication which guarantee confidentiality. 

What is the legal ground to process your personal data?

The legal ground for us using your data in the context of our publicity work and communication is based on our legitimate interest as a business. 


How long do we process and store your data?

We will not process your data more than necessary to fulfil the intended use. All posts and messages will be deleted by us or by yourself.


Who has access to your data?

Personal data provided to us may be shared within the H&M Group, with the social media platform provider and to other companies assisting us to carry out certain tasks on our behalf.

Except as explicitly stated herein, we never pass on, sell or swap your data to any third parties.


What are your rights?

As a user of our social media page you have certain rights to exercise against us and the social media platform provider. If you wish to exercise any of your rights relating to data processing over which we have control, and make a request for information, access, rectification, restriction and objection, please follow the instructions here.  

If you wish to assert any of your rights against the social media platform provider, please contact them directly.

Data processing undertaken by the social media platform provider

The operator of the social media platform uses web tracking methods to analyse your habits, your personal relationships, your preferences, etc. Web tracking can be done regardless of whether you are registered with the social media platform or not. We do not exert control over the web tracking methods of the social media platform.

Further information on data processing by the operator of the social media platform and how you can exercise your rights can be found in the data protection statement of each social media platform provider:


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