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brand SyuRo

With a small studio in east Tokyo, SyuRo employs and collaborates with local artisans to individually handcraft its assortment of subtle and simple everyday objects.

brand SyuRo

SyuRo logo

SyuRo was founded in 1999 by interior designer Masuko Unayama as a small store and studio in east Tokyo. Located in a traditional manufacturing district filled with family-run factories and businesses, SyuRo employs and collaborates with local artisans and craftspeople and has been central to the revival and preservation of the area’s craft community. The brand is based on the spirit of monozukuri, a unique Japanese concept and approach to craft literally meaning ‘making things’ but which is infused with wider implications, containing both soul and skill, continuous improvement and a search for perfection in simplicity. The name SyuRo translates as ‘palm tree’ and represents the brand’s multiple branches of handcrafted goods, including metalwork, leatherwork and woodwork.