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brand Nutscene

Nutscene is a traditional Scottish manufacturer of sustainable jute twines and garden supplies operating since 1922.

brand Nutscene

Nutscene logo

Nutscene is a manufacturer of high-quality twines and garden supplies established in Dundee, Scotland, in 1922. The name is a homophone derived from their renowned green garden twine – which is ‘not seen’ when tied around plants. Using traditional methods and original machinery from the 1920s, Nutscene is committed to craft products from raw materials such as jute and wood harvested from renewable and sustainable sources.

The patended ‘pull from centre spool’, which facilitates access to the twine while crafting and gardening, has become Nutscene’s trademark. All of the company’s jute twines are biodegradable, and their perfected manufacturing process makes them strong, yet pliable and soft to the touch. In partnership with British artisans, the company’s product range has expanded, supporting a large number of rural businesses throughout the UK.