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brand Hario

Founded in 1921 in Tokyo as a glassware company specialising in laboratory equipment, HARIO became synonymous with artisanal coffee-making with the launch of the V60 dripper in 2005.

 Hario Uchi Mug 350 ml
Product Hario Uchi Mug 350 ml
Color Silver
 Hario Dressing Bottle 240 ml
Product Hario Dressing Bottle 240 ml
Color Clear/Black
 Hario Dressing Bottle 120 ml
Product Hario Dressing Bottle 120 ml
Color Clear/Black

brand Hario

HARIO has become synonymous with artisanal coffee-making through innovative products like the V60 ceramic dripper and goose-neck pouring kettles. The company was founded in Tokyo in 1921 as a glassware manufacturer specialising in heatproof equipment for scientific laboratories and medical use. The first household products and brewing equipment were launched in the 1950s, including the complex Coffee Syphon. An early prototype of the V60 dripper was developed soon after but its final design was not commercially released until 2005. HARIO continues to manufacture heatproof glassware from natural minerals but today’s product range spans from automobile headlights to Japanese teas, kitchenware and aromatherapy.