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brand Bullyland

Bullyland is a German company specialising in detailed, hand-painted toy figurines that are free from PVC and phthalate softeners.

 Bullyland White Pointer
 Bullyland Shetland Pony
 Bullyland French Bulldog
 Bullyland Tyrannosaurus
 Bullyland Boa Constrictor
 Bullyland Young Tortoise
 Bullyland African Elephant Calf
 Bullyland Zebra
 Bullyland Red-Eyed Tree Frog
 Bullyland Polar Bear Cub
 Bullyland Rabbit
 Bullyland Allosaurus
 Bullyland Giraffe
 Bullyland Emperor Penguin Chick
 Bullyland Giraffe Cub
 Bullyland Hippopotamus Calf
 Bullyland Emperor Penguin
 Bullyland Lion
 Bullyland Zebra Foal
 Bullyland Alligator
 Bullyland Lion Cub
 Bullyland Lioness

Bullyland was established in 1973 in the south of Germany and specialises in highly detailed, hand-painted toy figurines based on animals, fantasy figures and licensed characters from major children’s films and TV programmes. The company believes that playing with figurines stimulates children’s creativity and inspires kids to use their own imagination. The toys can also be tools for learning more about the lives of animals and the world in general. After thorough research, Bullyland has developed a material for its figurines that is strong and durable, and free from PVC and phthalate softeners.