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care Wool

Merino wool, lambswool, mohair – there are many different types of wool. Most do not need to be washed that often and can be spot cleaned where needed and simply aired out.

When you do wash wool, always check the instructions on the care label first and either wash it by hand or in the delicate cycle on your washing machine on a low temperature and with a mild detergent. Put wool in a mesh washing bag to prevent snagging and felting.

To avoid stretching the wool fibres, do not wring wool clothes and always dry them flat, preferably on a towel to absorb any extra moisture.

Ironing after washing helps to restore  the material’s natural sheen – use a  steam iron on the wool setting and a pressing cloth.

care Wool blankets

This blanket is made from 100% wool. The blanket has a brushed finish for softness and visual appeal. This finish increases the occurrence of shedding due to loose fibres on the surface which can be picked, brushed or shaved away. After use, there may be pilling.

This is caused by the natural texture of wool fibres not being smooth and therefore intertwining with each other when exposed to friction. The best method for achieving a smooth surface after use is to regularly brush or shave the blanket, using a fabric shaver. You can repeat these methods without altering the integrity of the blanket – just be sure not to pull the pills by hand as that can damage the blanket.

Another tip is to steam or iron the blanket on a medium heat level to fix the wool fibres after brushing. Avoid washing the blanket too often; a better alternative for prolonged lifespan is to air the blanket in a protected environment after thoroughly shaking it.