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ARKET suits are the result of a close collaboration between pattern makers at our design studio in Stockholm, selected Italian weaving mills and skilled tailors outside Bucharest in Romania.

Our permanent collection offers three different types of blazers – Classic, Modern and Casual. They are all based on the same essential pattern and cut with a slim but comfortable fit, but have a varying degree of structure and formality.

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Anatomy of the suit

Our tailored garments are carefully made using high-grade natural materials and components, from the cloth to the canvas, linings and trims.

BACK  An extra allowance along the centre back seam and at the side makes it possible to open and let out the blazer if needed. 
STRUCTURE   Our structured blazers have lightly padded shoulders and are made using a layer of natural canvas underneath the shell fabric. The canvas provides the jacket its shape, moving with and molding to the body, and is a sign of quality and craftsmanship. 
CUFFS   The sleeves have functioning buttons, but for easier shortening, the bottom button hole is not cut open. This allows a tailor to remove the stitching and add a new hole above the original row.
POCKETS   All pockets are sewn shut to retain the garment’s tailored shape. We recommend keeping them shut, but if you prefer to open them, gently remove the single-thread stitching with a seam ripper. 
ACCESSORIES  Our silk ties and pocket squares are woven made by family-owned firm Tessitura Attilio Bottinelli, located in the centuries-old silk centre of Como, Italy.
UNDERCOLLAR   Made from a high-quality felt fabric, the undercollar has an important impact on the overall fit of the blazer. It supports the top collar, gives it a more crisp body and sharper edges, and helps maintain its shape.  
TROUSERS   All of our trousers come with a 5 cm (2”) bottom hem which means they can be lengthened by up to 4 cm.
VENTS  The Classic Blazer features a double-vent construction which gives it a more tailored silhouette; it also allows for more comfort and prevents the fabric from bunching and wrinkling. Blazers with a single vent in the back (known as an American vent) are typically more casual with a softer construction, which make them a good choice for all body types.
WAIST   A fabric allowance in the centre back seam of the waistband allows for the width to be adjusted if needed.