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material Coffee

The ARKET café serves three single-origin blends developed with Swedish coffee roaster Johan & Nyström. A light and floral Ethiopian heirloom blend is ground for the year-round filter brew, while two seasonal harvests from Honduras and Peru, available in autumn and spring respectively, are served as both brew and espresso.

The origin of coffee beans has an important influence on the final flavour. Geography, altitude, soil, climate, rainfall, sunlight and other natural factors all contribute to a bean’s unique characteristics. All ARKET blends are ‘specialty coffee’ qualities cultivated in ideal conditions on high-altitude farms. Higher elevations yield denser beans that are characterised by deeper and more intense flavours due to a higher concentration of sugar. These flavours are often described as sweet, floral, fruity, spicy, nutty, and complex.
ARKET’s coffees are available for purchase alongside a selected range of equipment needed to prepare them.

cooperative Shegole

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and its heirloom varieties are renowned for their elegant berry tones and light floral flavours. Through the centuries, the Coffea plant has been brought to Brazil, Central America and Indonesia in search of the best soils, the ultimate altitudes and the perfect climate. But in fact, all of this is already at hand on the highlands of Ethiopia, the only country in the world where coffee still grows wild. The western Limu region is often shadowed by the more famed Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, but its diversity of Arabica varieties is able to express tremendously rich flavours. The Shegole Cooperative is an association of more than 1,400 small-scale farmers, formed in 2005. Their fully washed heirloom blend is cultivated at 1,850-2,000 metres and harvested between November and February. It is a completely balanced, light-bodied coffee with a sweet-citrus, floral and almost tea-like character.

country of originETHIOPIA

cooperative Cocafelol

Honduras has emerged as one of the top coffee-producing countries in the world over the past decade; fortunately, this development has also brought forth a number of quality-minded growers. The progressive and eco-conscious Cocafelol Cooperative, uniting 340 smallholder farmers in the mountainous Ocotepeque region, is a great such example. Largely located in the volcanic-soil cloud forests of the Güisayote biological reserve, bordering El Salvador to the south and Guatemala to the west, the cooperative’s members have an average of ten acres. Their wet-processed single-origin ARKET blend is a smooth espresso or brew coffee with notes of citrus, peach and chocolate. Harvested between November and March, it is made from a blend of Pacas, Catuai, Bourbon and Caturra beans.

country of origin HONDURAS

producer Johan & Nyström

Swedish specialty coffee-roaster Johan & Nyström was founded in 2004. The company works by a transparent direct-trade philosophy which in practice means developing close and honest relationships with a network of dedicated farmers. Yearly visits to each of the farms – just before, during or after the harvest – guarantee quality and make it possible to negotiate prices with the individual farmers, rather than following prices set by the commodity exchange.

The producers are paid at least 25 per cent more than the current Fair Trade rate, to build long-term partnerships and to compensate for higher costs due to manual farming methods. All plantations practise ecologically sound polyculture methods in harmony with their environment. Shadowing trees protect the coffee from sharp sun and provide habitats for the animal life, while the fallen leaves become naturally nitrogen-rich fertilisers. Well-executed, polyculture farming creates a sustainable cycle that requires less input and less additives.
‘Specialty coffee’ is a quality standard used to describe coffee scoring 80 points or higher on a universal 100-point tasting scale. The berries are handpicked at perfect maturity, carefully processed and dried as well as sorted to minimise defects. Johan & Nyström’s beans are slow-roasted in southern Stockholm, where their roast masters craft the flavour profile of each blend. The coffees are fresh and lively, distinctive because of their complex taste, with notes of flowers, fruits and berries.