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brand Goki

Goki is a German brand dedicated to making quality wooden toys affordable for everyone. It has a strong environmental engagement, and all wood used is sourced from areas where it grows back again.

 Goki Backgammon
Product Goki Backgammon
Color Beige
200 DKK
 Goki Tin Drum
Product Goki Tin Drum
Color Red/White
150 DKK
 Goki Harmonica
Product Goki Harmonica
Color Silver
45 DKK
 Goki Tambourine
Product Goki Tambourine
Color Beige
39 DKK
 Goki Maracas, Set of 2
Product Goki Maracas, Set of 2
Color Multicolour
125 DKK
 Goki Ladybird Domino
Product Goki Ladybird Domino
Color Red
65 DKK
 Goki Mikado Game
Product Goki Mikado Game
Color Beige
25 DKK
 Goki Domino
Product Goki Domino
Color Beige
75 DKK

brand Goki

Goki logo

Goki is short for Gollnest & Kiesel, one of the leading manufacturers of wooden toys in Europe. The brand is based in northern Germany, where a team of experienced designers invent toys and games to develop children’s creativity, imagination, motor skills and sensibility. The wood used for the toys is always sourced from areas where it can grow back again, and the brand supports the replanting of oak trees for new areas of public woodland in its home region of Schleswig-Holstein. Goki is based on the idea of functional design and high-quality toys that can be affordable to everyone.