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material Functional nylon

Functional nylon is a quick-dry sportswear material. Spun together with elastane into a special cross-section yarn, nylon fibres yield soft and comfortable garments characterised by resilience and stretch.

 Nylon Mini Camera Bag
Product Nylon Mini Camera Bag
Color Burgundy
390 DKK

material Functional nylon

Functional nylon is a quick-dry, high-performance material used for ARKET sportswear. Generic nylon was first introduced in the 1930s as a strong, synthetic alternative to silk. Due to the different effects and qualities that could be achieved with the fibre, nylon has been adopted for a variety of purposes, from hosiery to military parachutes and tents. Its resilience and anti-wrinkle properties paved the way for easy-care garments and technological advances have made possible new types of nylon fibres for specific needs.


ARKET uses nylon in combination with elastane to create yarn with a special cross-section surface, which makes the fabric more absorbent and fast-drying. Using a fine-count yarn, the fabric can be knitted into comfortable soft-touch garments with high elasticity such as running T-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers and other pieces suitable for activewear.


Resistant to wrinkling and shrinking, the garments keep the shape well. Finished with a moisture-wicking treatment, they remain dry close to the skin and help to transport sweat and salt – an abrasive leftover substance from perspiration – to the exterior of the fabric.