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brand Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate makes unisex eyeglasses and sunglasses, handcrafted from cellulose acetate with great attention to detail.

brand Ace & Tate

Ace & tate logo

brand Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate is an Amsterdam-based eyewear brand founded in 2013. With its innovative business approach that cuts out unnecessary middlemen, the company monitors every step of the production process to offer high-quality eyeglasses as well as sunglasses with full UV protection. Its unisex collections – a mix of classic and more innovative, bold designs – are designed to match different occasions and styles, encouraging people to experiment with their eyewear and express the many different sides to them.


The name of the brand is a playful nod to the word ‘acetate’ – a non-petroleum based plastic composed of natural cotton and wood fibres, which is considered the best-quality plastic material for eyewear frames. Derived from renewable resources, acetate is hypoallergenic and provides superior durability and flexibility while remaining lightweight. Each pair of Ace & Tate’s glasses is handcrafted with great attention to detail, resulting in a product that is durable both in terms of quality and style.