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Brand Felt so good

Product Felt So Good Mini Flamingo
Color Dark Pink
55 DKK
Product Felt So Good Yeti
Color White
95 DKK
Product Felt So Good Flying Pig
Color Pink
65 DKK
Product Felt So Good Polar Bear
Color White
75 DKK
Product Felt So Good Batty
Color Grey
25 DKK

Brand Felt so good

Felt so good logo

Inspired by traditional Nepalese hand-made felt, British Adele Zara Collinson founded Felt so good in 2009. Her colourful collection of homeware and accessories are designed in the U.K. and crafted by hand in Nepalese cottage industries. The skilful artisans use traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Promoting fair trade business with small craft communities in Nepal is core to the Felt So Good brand, as well as supporting the preservation of traditional arts and crafts. All materials and dyes used in Felt So Good products are natural and biodegradable. 

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