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care Leather

Leather is a hard-wearing yet sensitive natural material that, if taken care of properly, will age in style. As part of our commitment to more sustainable choices, all ARKET leather items are made using selected high-quality hides that have undergone a chrome-free tanning process. Slight variations in colour and texture are natural characteristics of leather and make each product unique.

To clean your leather items, wipe them carefully using a soft, clean cloth. Dry damp leather with a clean, soft cloth to absorb any liquid and let it dry at room temperature. To keep your leather items looking their best for a long time, we recommend avoiding contact with water, grease and chemicals, and not leaving your leather items close to sources of strong heat and light.

Conditioning leather is important. Use uncoloured wax or cream every month and before the first use to keep the leather fresh and supple. This will also prevent the leather from cracking. Some conditioning and cleaning products can, however, affect the surface of the leather. To make sure that the leather doesn't get duller or darker, always test a new product on a small hidden area. Light-coloured leather is especially sensitive. 

When it comes to shoes, using a shoehorn helps protect the shape of the counter/heel area and, in the long run, the shape of the entire construction. Likewise, inserting shoe trees when you’re not wearing your shoes will help absorb moisture and keep the original shape of the shoe. When not in use, always store your leather shoes in their box to protect them from sun, dirt and scratching.

Many of ARKET´s shoes are crafted with an outsole made of leather. If the leather outsole wears out, the front part and the heel can be changed and the edges evened out by a specialist, who can also add a rubber sole. A specialist can help mend minor issues in time, so we recommend keeping an eye on the condition of your leather items in order to prevent any permanent damage to the leather.

care Suede and nubuck

Suede is a delicate, yet hardwearing material made from the underside of leather hides, with a fuzzy finish. Nubuck, in turn, is a sanded-down version of full-grain leather with a matte, velvet-like surface. Both suede and nubuck are quite absorbent, so we recommend wearing them under dry weather conditions to prevent stains. Applying a waterproofing spray every other month helps protect them – brush the hide carefully before and after spraying.

To clean suede and nubuck, choose a brush that you use only for this purpose to remove dirt and dust. If you’re dealing with a stain, use a clean and dry washcloth with a little bit of vinegar or rubbing alcohol to rub it. Once dry, use your brush to work the surface and bring the natural texture back to the area. If you get mud on these leather types, let the mud dry overnight and brush it off. Wipe any remaining dirt off with a clean, damp cloth or use a suede eraser.