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      A modern-day market that offers essential products for men, women, children and the home, ARKET stores also include a café based on the New Nordic Food Manifesto. ARKET’s mission is to democratise quality through widely accessible, well-made, durable products, designed to be used and loved for a long time. 

      ARKET’s team includes designers, chefs, architects, buyers and writers. 130 of them work in the Stockholm office, sharing their expertise and experience in pursuit of a common goal. Satellite production teams around the globe closely collaborate with ARKET’s suppliers.
      A nod to the team’s Nordic heritage, ARKET in Swedish means ‘sheet of paper’. It also alludes to concepts returned to often while developing the brand: Archive, Archetypes, Market.
      This is a common thread both physically and metaphorically. It represents the collection’s long-lasting nature, the extensive and easily accessible vintage sample library, and the name given to our in-house developed shelving system. The idea of an archive is ARKET’s central theme. 
      A unique 9-digit code is given to and shown with each product. For example, a women’s recycled cashmere sweater is identified as 222045-087R, which denotes the department (2: Women), category (22: Knitwear), product (045) and material (087 is Cashmere and ‘R’ stands for recycled). This simple system has been created to enable customers to find and re-find products easily, in both physical and digital stores, and as a tool for ARKET’s archive to record and catalogue products.
      The starting point for each product is quality, building on the strengths of each production market. Value for money will be ensured by economies of scale, by initiatives like the yarn projects, and, above all, by establishing enduring styles. The result will be a seasonless production flow, lower development costs, and the flexibility to refine over time. This will also help achieve strong, long-term relationships with suppliers working together towards the same goals.
      A logical consequence of ARKET’s focus on enduring designs and products. Sustainability as a primary consideration has been naturally incorporated into all processes, from choosing suppliers and materials to informing customers about the care of products to prolong their lifespan. 
      Because there is no need to reinvent products that have already been perfected, ARKET’s own collection is complemented by the best from other brands – mainly shoes, accessories and homeware.

      ARKET is a brand within the H&M group

      Registered office
      H&M Hennes & Mauritz GBC AB
      Mäster Samuelsgatan 46A
      106 38 Stockholm

      Company registration number
      GBC – 5560701715
      Registered in Sweden
      VAT registration number
      SE 556070171501

      For corporate information, visit about.hm.com

      You can reach us at contact@arket.com