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Recipes Rhubarb and olive oil compote


600g rhubarb
100g butter
½ dl caster sugar
½ dl salt roasted nuts
1 tsp cardamom seeds
½ dl heavy cream
1 sprig of tarragon
4 oat cookies or similar


Cut the bottom and top of the rhubarb and make sure it’s totally clean, otherwise rinse it. Then cut in 1 cm pieces and pan fry them on medium heat in butter. Crush the cardamom seeds in a mortar. After a minute add sugar and the crushed cardamom seeds. Continue frying until they are soft and then let cool in a bowl. Plate the compote in small bowls with crushed cookies, chopped nuts and picked tarragon leaves on top. Serve with a bit of heavy cream on the side and a drop of olive oil.

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