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history Blouson

history Blouson

The blouson or Drizzler jacket is a classic menswear silhouette; short and boxy, it is commonly made with an elastic, fitted waist which causes the material to blouse out over the waistband. The style has traditionally been sewn from a shower-proof outer fabric, with large cargo pockets, zip-through closure, and a fold-down collar that can be turned up for added protection.

Although the term encompasses different variations of the style, the classic Drizzler takes most of its modern traits from the 1950s MA-2 flight jacket and police blouson. Thanks to the sturdy design and good insulation, blouson jackets were widely used both as service uniforms and casual wear.

Over the years, different subcultures have borrowed the Drizzler’s durable and practical design – most notably worn by the mods of the 1960s, and by skinheads and punks during the following decades.