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Supplier Tricker's

brand Tricker's

Tricker’s is one of a handful remaining manufacturers in Northampton, long the centre of British shoemaking. All their footwear is genuinely handmade from start to finish. A single shoe goes through over 260 different craft processes and takes up to ten weeks to produce. The special Goodyear welt construction provides waterproof durability and allows the shoes to last for decades.

brand Tricker's

Tricker’s is one of the longest established shoemakers in England. The company is based in Northamptonshire which for centuries was the heart of the British shoe trade – with hundreds of small businesses still active in the mid-1900s – and remains one of the last manufacturers of handmade welted footwear in the region.The original Tricker’s factory, laid-out over three floors in the town centre of Northampton, opened in 1904 and is still where all of their footwear is produced.

Each shoe goes through 260 individual processes and takes between eight to ten weeks to make. The leather is examined and cut by hand; the different sections of the upper are stitched together, and the upper is stretched over a wooden or plastic last to give the shoe its particular shape. The shoe is then built up by sewing in the welt (used for stitching the insole and outsole together), composing the sole in multiple layers, and attaching the heel. The welt forms an intermediary layer that provides the shoe with added strength, durability and repair qualities.