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brand Price & Kensington

Established in 1962 after a merger of two factories in the ceramic centre of Staffordshire in central England, Price & Kensington makes traditional teapots and ceramic tableware from the area’s unique red clay.

brand Price & Kensington

The Price & Kensington company has its origins in the long ceramic tradition in Staffordshire, central England, where hundreds of earthenware manufacturers were established in the 17th century due to the local availability of clay, coal, salt and lead. The unique red clay found in the area resulted in a ceramic with a capacity to retain heat that has been used for making teapots for over 300 years. The classic round teapot shape took form during the early 19th century, when tea was popularised in Britain, and is said to be particularly good for brewing loose-leaf tea as it allows the leaves to swirl around inside the bowl. The Price Brothers established their business in 1896, forming the Price & Kensington brand in 1962 after a merger with Kensington Potteries, another traditional factory in Stoke-on-Trent.