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with Suzanne Koller

People With a decades-long tenure as one of the most respected creatives working in fashion, Suzanne Koller represents and produces ideas that set canons among tastemakers. Her exquisite point of view continues to gift the industry iconic expressions of a timeless yet always new and influential character.

As a knowledgeable visual creator, Koller’s sensitivity to that which stirs a feeling is unmatched. It is her subjective, instinctual, yet expertly-trained eye that leads the way in the creative process of curating, coordinating, and creating an image – even her own. So much so that, when it comes to her own way of dressing, her language is just as fascinating.

Impeccably matched combinations of refined indulgences, casual icons and emotional signatures make her looks irresistible to the modern woman, capturing a powerful and inspirational contemporary attitude relevant to the ARKET vision of style.

As we continuously explore the significance of essentials, quality, and style through personal perspectives, we invited Suzanne Koller to take a close look at our Autumn 2023 collection and hand-pick the pieces that most speak to her own wardrobe.

‘I am obsessed with creating my perfect wardrobe and finding the perfect essentials – timeless pieces with minimal design. They become my obvious classics, whether it is a piece of clothing, an object, an accessory, a work of art, or a functional object. An obsession is a fascination about something you are instinctively drawn to, an attraction and search of the same aesthetics.’

Suzanne Koller Stylist & Consultant

‘Essential pieces are timeless to me. They are items you absolutely need in your wardrobe and never really change. They are the base of your attire. Garments you never get tired of. The obsessions in my wardrobe have been identical for years: trench coats, black and white tank tops, silk pyjamas worn during the day, silver or sparkling shoes – I barely wear them, but I love to collect them – white shirts, black shiny leather.’

‘Good design only works with quality, and quality only works with good design. There is no secret to good style; you either have it or not. It is very subjective. I may have a good style for someone, and for others, my style might be repetitive or minimal, eventually boring. You need to train your taste. For me, someone with great style looks already irresistible in a white T-shirt and jeans. The difficult part is to find the perfect T-shirt and jeans.’


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