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with Amanda Rodriguez

People Working as a set designer and creative director in interior design, jewellery, fashion and food, Amanda Rodriguez explores beauty in nature, objects and everyday scenes and wants us to take beautiful things more seriously.

‘If I were to advise someone on decorating their home, I would say: Trust your guts.  You know when something is right; dare trust that feeling. Ignore short-lived trends and search within yourself to find what makes you happy,’ says Amanda Rodriguez.

When decorating her own home, she usually starts with a calm, minimalistic base and then decides on a colour palette to build on, using materials and objects of her liking. Over time, she can rearrange and change small things to bring new energy to the room rather than adding more. ‘Small adjustments can have a huge impact. And flowers – remember to add flowers. They are powerful and speak to almost all our senses.’

Another piece of Amanda Rodriguez’s advice is to look outside your window – register the view, the sounds and the scents and use that as your inspiration.

‘Enjoying and finding beauty within your everyday life is essential. In stressful times it can be difficult, but even more important, then, to take the time to see and appreciate the small details. Tiny things can add so much to your life.’ 

She talks about the simple and daily chore of setting the table. For Amanda, it doesn’t matter if she sets the table for a dinner party, for her little family, or just for herself; she always wants to add beauty to it.

‘Good food tastes even better in beautiful surroundings. But keep it simple – some nice music, lit candles, and a few flowers are enough for a dinner party. After all, enjoying time with friends and family is the most important part of sharing a meal.’

For Amanda Rodriguez, her work is her passion. ‘I decided early in life to see my sensitive side as an asset for creativity. Unfortunately, beauty is often seen as something superficial and shallow. We don’t talk enough about how beauty can energise the body and soul. But it’s important to remember that beauty is not the same as perfection. The trick is to find the balance between beauty and an interesting story that speaks to your emotions.’

Regardless of the assignment, Amanda aims to create beautiful, timeless images that live on for a long time and awaken your curiosity.

‘Things tend to move so fast in today’s society, so if my creations can make another person slow down and get in touch with their emotions, that makes me very happy. I put my soul into my work; it’s not about having a specific style but understanding concept, light and composition.’

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