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by Martin Berg
Head chef of ARKET Café

In ARKET's first cookbook, chef Martin Berg has collected vegetarian recipes from every season of our first year. Martin is one of the earliest proponents of the New Nordic food movement, which embraces the old cooking traditions of the North with a modern approach. This means dishes made with traditional cooking methods, using healthy ingredients that are ethically produced. Another important point is to work closely with local producers, thus improving the food quality and reducing environmental strains.

In Northern living, the changing seasons are very important. Winters are as long and cold as summers are short and bright. The Nordic kitchen has derived from a long history of struggle and adjustment to a harsh climate. And although life in the North is far more comfortable today than it used to be, seasonal cooking is still a backbone in its food culture. The recipes in this book all reflect the different seasons of Scandinavia. 

The New Nordic kitchen is built upon tradition, but is also constantly evolving. Today, Nordic food is a mixing pot of old cooking techniques and new influences from other cultures. ARKET’s signature yellow pea hummus, included in this book, is one example.

The recipe is influenced by Middle Eastern food, but created with the Scandinavian yellow pea. ARKET’s first recipe collection consists of simple everyday recipes, adjusted to suit the home kitchen. It includes dishes and desserts served in our cafés as well as unique recipes. ARKET’s mission is to democratise healthy and sustainable foods for a wide audience in a modern and approachable way.

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