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The arrival of gentle weather brings the possibility of reaching for certain pieces once again. Examples of good design, these items are functional, versatile and beautiful – they stand the test of time and hold a special place in our brand archives. As we infuse them with a new point of view for S/S 2022, we dedicate this edit to four iconic garments that represent our appreciation for the classics.

Distinguished by their common features – front buttonings, fold-up collars and roomy cuts – the belted trench coat and the straight car coat are remarkable outerwear silhouettes that were born out of their unique functionality as top layers. Usually sewn from fabrics that repel light rain, they’re both common in spring rotations, each offering a unique expression due to the marked difference at the waist. 

Before modern-day fashion introduced knitted jumpers in the 1920s, history ties their origins to utility wear. Those were sturdy, tightly knitted pieces that would repel water naturally and keep the cold out in harsh weather. Modern technical developments allow for gauge, yarn and stitching to create intricate designs, but a simple fine v-neck is an unmatched staple. 

Among all trousers, the style of the ‘chinos’ is one of the most fitting for spring. Their origins lie in military clothing, but today the term is used loosely to refer to almost any trouser made from woven cloth that is considerably lighter than denim twills. The easy character of the looser cotton weave makes the chinos breathable and comfortable, ideal for the warmer weather of spring and summer.

Shirts used to be associated to a certain context – formalwear – but their place has been redefined. Today, they pair equally well with suits and tuxedos, office attire or leisurewear. As traditional dress codes fade, the choice of incorporating shirts in an ensemble lies on personal style. Developments in fabric and construction have helped shape this multi-purpose character.

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The grid is an essential element of our visual identity. It represents the notion of the archive and is used to organise and display information ranging from the names of plants to fabric weights and different types of materials used in our collections. These nine squares symbolise the separate parts that together form our world, and they are also the areas where we strive to make a difference.