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Nordic gnocchi with spinach, lentils and fresh herbs    
This dish draws inspiration from a traditional Swedish dumpling known as klimp which was widely used in earlier times as a filler in broth and soups. Similar to pasta or spätzle, it was the perfect way to soak up all the flavours of the more expensive ingredients. We’ve used lentils to add a nutty taste and texture, while fresh herbs and familiar Mediterranean flavours help bring our Nordic gnocchi into the modern everyday kitchen. 

ingredients Nordic gnocchi (4 servings)


2 eggs
220 g water
360 g wheat flour
100 g cooked lentils
6 g salt


400 g big leaf spinach
100 g cooked lentils
50 g cured cheese (such as parmesan)
5 stalks of parsley
4 sprigs of tarragon
100 g mixed nuts
2 shallots
1 garlic clove
1 lemon
50 ml olive oil
200 g cream cheese

Mix the lentils into a coarse paste. Whisk the eggs together with the water and salt. Add flour and the lentil paste, then work it by hand until it becomes a dough. Let rest for 30 minutes, then cut the dough in four even pieces.

Take a rolling pin and roll it thin in 6 cm wide strips. Cut in triangle shapes and boil it in lightly salted water for one minute. Drain and rinse the gnocchi in cold water and rest on a towel. They can now be saved in the fridge for a couple of days. 

 Method   Serving
Toast the nuts in the oven at 170°C until they’re golden brown. Season with sea salt and roughly chop.

Clean the spinach and the herbs free from all dirt and dry spin the herbs. Pick the leaves of the parsley and tarragon. Slice the shallots and fry them in olive oil in a medium heated pan. Add the pasta triangles and fry them until they start to brown. 

Fold in the spinach just before serving so it’s still a bit crisp. Season with salt and black pepper.    
Smear the cream cheese onto the plate and place gnocchi and spinach on top. Sprinkle with some of the nuts and grate cheese over it. Top off with herbs, lemon zest and a drizzle of olive oil.