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history Swedish army field jacket

The Swedish army field jacket – or tanker jacket – was originally created for personnel working in tight quarters, like a tank. The coats are characterised by a panel attached to the back hem that was pulled over the crotch and buttoned in the front, keeping the jacket securely in place when soldiers slipped through the narrow tank door.

history Swedish army field jacket


history Swedish army field jacket

The unlined workwear blazer is a garment created for simplicity and function, originally intended for use by managers on a factory floor. It has large patch pockets to carry many things, and was made from heavy, durable fabrics to offer protection and practicality.

Every detail on the workwear blazer was chosen for its utility and to save on costs. The four patch pockets were stitched on very simply – with the seams visible from the inside – and the cuts generous. It has a three-button closure on the front, and no buttons on the cuffs. And it was often made from heavy moleskin cotton well suited to its industrial application.