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History RAF kit bag

History RAF kit bag

Used to store parachutes when they were not in active use, the British Royal Air Force kit bag was a durable and practical piece that could easily be hauled around – thanks to its two top handles and hardened, flat bottom.

The big bag had a top zip that, on the inside, was protected by a flap to ensure that water did not touch the parachute inside. This was a particularly important feature if the parachute was made of silk, since the material gets weaker when it is wet.

Most of the Air Force bags used for storage had the same heavy-duty zips as the kit bag – unlike military bags made for emergency situations, which used buckles and flaps so items could be taken out quickly. Often made of durable cotton, these kit bags had a very simple structure inside to keep it roomy, and make it easy to stuff in and take out the parachutes.