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brand Microplane

Microplane is the world’s premiere brand for stainless-steel graters and zesters. Originally developed from woodworking tools, the graters feature photo-etched and razor-sharp teeth that cut the food precisely rather than tearing.

brand Microplane

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The first Microplane tools were developed in Arkansas in the late 1980s, applying a technology designed to create sharp cutting edges on metal parts for high-tech printers. The first series of products were woodworking tools, but after a customer successfully tried using a Microplane rasp to zest oranges for an Armenian citrus cake in 1994, the company morphed into the world’s number one brand for premium quality graters. Made from surgical stainless steel, Microplane’s tools feature photo-etched, tiny and razor-sharp teeth, instead of the stamped holes of traditional graters, cutting the food precisely rather than tearing.