Development And Improvement

We always want to exceed the expectations of our customers and users. Only with the right offers and by providing the best user and shopping experience, we can stay relevant. For this reason, we may use your personal data to evaluate, develop and improve our products, services, systems, supply chain and store premises. 


This includes analysis to make our services more user-friendly, such as modifying the user interface to simplify the flow of information or to highlight features that are commonly used by our customers in our digital channels and to improve IT systems in order to increase the security for our visitors and customers in general.


The analysis is also used to develop and constantly improve the logistics flow of goods by forecasting purchases, stocks and deliveries as well as our resource capacity from a sustainability point of view by streamlining purchasing and scheduling of deliveries.


In addition, we use the data to be able to plan new establishments of stores and warehouses and improve our product range. 

We will only use personal data for a development and improvement purpose if it is strictly necessary and cannot be achieve with less invasive means. This means that we will protect and secure your data to the extent reasonably possible, for example by appropriate pseudonymization and encryption techniques or by data anonymization. 


In no event we analyse data on a level where your identity is traceable. 


Any data used for the purpose of development and improvement of products, services and systems etc have usually been collected for different objectives. We may for example use your purchase data and contact information from the check-out to develop new features, functionality, performance and security of the ordering 

processing systems, and hence improving the overall shopping experience.


Notwithstanding the above, we may reach out to you to respond to enquiries and surveys. In such case, any personal data used and obtained from you will only be processed for the specific purpose described therein.


We may also use personal data received from web cookies, pixels, plug-in or other web tracing technologies for the same objectives.


To find out more about the use of such technology, please read the specific section on Cookies in this Privacy Notice. 

Only pseudonymized personal data may be shared within H&M Group whenever sharing is necessary to fulfil the intended processing objectives. For the same reason, personal data may be shared also with suppliers carrying out certain tasks on our behalf, such as external web-analytics companies to analyse online behaviour, software development or externally hosted development tools. H&M Group is always fully responsible for its suppliers. 

We will never use personal data to identify individuals. All analysis is carried out on an aggregated data level.

The processing of your personal data for the purpose to develop and improve our services and products, is based on our legitimate interest as a business.
We will process your personal data no more than necessary for us to fulfil the purpose. Thereafter the data will be immediately erased for this type of use.

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data that is based on H&M Groups legitimate interest, by contacting Customer service