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Hello, Monster! Welcome to your club

All children are different. Some of them are joyful, some others are shy – others are very tall, others are easily scared. And just like our Monsters, they are perfect as they are. The ARKET Monsters’ Club is a celebration of diversity, curiosity, respect and kindness – a place for fun where we encourage children to be themselves.


  1. Monsters are kind to other monsters.
  2. Monsters are curious about the planet they live in, actually 
  3. Monsters ask tons of questions.
  4. Monsters stand up for other monsters, because
  5. Monsters don’t like injustice.
  6. Monsters take care of the oceans, trees and lands. In fact,
  7. Monsters are great at recycling and
  8. Monsters share with other monsters what they don’t need.
  9. Monsters love truly every day, because
  10. Monsters are everything but monsters!