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café Martin Berg

Created by chef Martin Berg, one of the early proponents of the New Nordic food movement, ARKET café is based on the approach to traditional foods, healthy ingredients and ethical production that was formulated in the New Nordic Food Manifesto (2004). One of the main goals of the manifesto is to work in close dialogue with local producers, and to innovate and improve the overall quality of our food; another to combine the best from Nordic cuisine with impulses from abroad, and to create new applications for traditional products. By developing a menu of simple everyday recipes, ARKET’s mission is to democratise foods and tastes previously associated mainly with fine dining.

café Everyday meals

Our menu is a modern and inclusive interpretation of the Swedish everyday meal, composed of vegetarian as well as entirely plant-based meals and pastries. Classic recipes are prepared with influences from the many culinary traditions that thrive here today. The menu reflects the changing seasons through ingredients that distinguish the climate and landscapes of each local region, and includes local variations based on the tastes and traditions of the respective cities. All pastries are baked in store and based on Nordic organic grains and flours.

Manufacturer Mavam

Mavam Coffee machine

Manufacturer Mavam

Mavam’s under-counter espresso machine, developed and hand-built in Seattle, is used in all cafés to extract and prepare espresso-based drinks. The low profile makes it easy to follow the full brewing cycle and gives a free view over the bar counter. The machine is engineered to maintain a perfectly stable water temperature over multiple brewing operations to ensure a consistent taste.