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with Kendall Baisden

American track-and-field athlete Kendall Baisden on the love of running, finding alignment and balance in life, and how to build an active wardrobe.

‘I am twenty-seven years old and live in Los Angeles. Besides being a professional track athlete for the USA and a model, I consider myself a dreamer – always thinking and wander lusting. On the track, I’m a rhythmic runner and I run intuitively. So, I feel very free when I run because innately it is something my body knows it should be doing. It’s a source of therapy for me, being able to run almost every day. I learn so much about myself through running. It allows me to discover who I am and my capabilities as a person.

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“Running allows me to discover who i am”

Kendall Baisden Track-and-field athlete

Before a race, my father always wished me luck with this saying: Do your best, be a person of good character, thank God for your gift and attendance, stay healthy, and have fun. I approach life and all its trials with this mindset. Despite what place I earned or what time I ran on the track, with this mindset the concept of failing doesn’t exist.

When I am deliberate with my process, I am at my best. This is where I find balance. Even in moments of imbalance, I choose to direct my energy toward finding the pace for life that is aligned and centered for my well-being. Taking my time and not allowing external pressures to derail me, ensures that my pace addresses and protects my needs of a healthy and sustainable life flow.

I think the inspiration comes from those days when I wasn’t able to run. Whether it be an injury, sickness, not qualifying for a next round, or it simply just not being track season, that feeling of not being able to run is awful. I drag myself out of bed because I don’t want to unnecessarily add to those days of not being able to run for a reason that is based on a fleeting feeling.

For me, the key styles in an active wardrobe are environmentally respectful and versatile. Activewear aren’t traditionally pieces that we think we’d replace often given their durability aspect. However, we do. Therefore, using eco-friendly sourcing, fabrics, discarding practices, and other sustainable practices in the activewear supply chain is important, to ensure the well-being of our environment.

Additionally, versatility is a key style. Anything that sits in someone’s closet should be able to be worn in different ways. It’s not only more sustainable and less wasteful, but also practical and appropriate when transitioning from different settings in a day. More importantly, since activewear is made to be high quality and high functioning, exploring its different uses in attire categories is necessary.’

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