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children New season essentials

The change of year marks the beginning of a new school season full of play and learning. Now that the cold has settled in but spring approaches, we present the essentials for the change of seasons – reliable and joyful companions for now that will ease the transition into spring in the months ahead. 

01 Knits

This season, jumpers and cardigans are made of soft wool blends for a warm and lightweight feeling. Colourful and fuzzy textures add a tactile feel to the fabrics.

02 Utility sets

Inspired by the comfort of functional gear, our utility sets are defined by roomy fits, unisex silhouettes and many pockets to keep small treasures safely stored. A much-loved spring look for the little ones, easy to layer up for colder days.

03 Jeans

A year-round staple, our children's jeans are sewn from a reinforced, durable denim fabric made of an organic cotton blend, with added stretch for extra comfort and durability.

04 Outerwear

As top-layer garments, these pieces are designed to act as a shield against the cold. But they're also a fun finishing touch to their look. Our range features many different styles and finishes to match their personality and style while keeping them warm.

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