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Baby ARKET family

At ARKET we’re interested in the multiple aspects of modern living, including parenthood. A long-time collaborator and friend of the brand, Mame Thiane Camara is a London-based model and the mother of little Jasmine, who recently turned six months old. Curious about her new perspectives, we reached out to her in London to discover more about her impressions and priorities during this new life chapter.

‘Quality and sustainability are important considerations when I choose garments for my children. I also try using eco-friendly products. At work, for example, I always bring my own water bottle to avoid using single-use plastic. It’s all about reducing the amount of Earth's resources that we use to help protect it.’

‘I love being a parent. My children have taught me patience, an amazing kind of love, and how to be a better person for them. I’m thankful they’re a part of my life. I have more respect for my own parents now – I’m constantly saying thanks to my mother for everything she has done for me!’

Baby ARKET family

Women ARKET family

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