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New Nordic Everyday Design

A curated selection of looks drawn from our permanent collection as well as new and upcoming pieces from the Autumn/Winter season, presented against the backdrop of the beautiful natural surroundings of our hometown of Stockholm.

The concept of everyday beauty was one of the starting points for developing ARKET as well as a major influence on the Nordic modernist movement in the mid-20th century. Formulated in 1919 by Swedish art historian Gregor PaulssonVackrare vardagsvara (More beautiful everyday things) became the slogan for a new democratic approach that aimed to bridge the worlds of arts, crafts and functional form to produce affordable and widely accessible items for everyday use. In the Nordic countries, this ambition was associated with a new ideal of beauty which favoured clean lines, a neutral colour palette and solid materials inspired by nature and the northern climate. Above all, it made functionality and durability the basis for good design. 

Carefully made to leave a lighter footprint

With special attention to sustainable practices, ARKET continues to build on the Nordic tradition of functional beauty and the mission to enhance life through well-designed everyday things. Our collections are carefully made to leave a lighter footprint and intended to be used and loved for a long time.

ARKET Materials, Suppliers, Design, Food, People, Balance, Knowledge, Community and Environment

An essential element in our visual identity, the ARKET grid organises separate concepts that together form our universe. Each square represents an area where we work to make a difference.

For a more beautiful everyday life

‘New Nordic Everyday Design can be read as a simple manifesto for our philosophy and mission but also captures ideas and inspirations which we often return to in our creative work. It represents openness, innovation and a dedication to make even the ordinary things we use in daily life a little more beautiful’, says ARKET Head of Design, Anna Teurnell.

A selection of the products highlighted in the new campaign includes outerwear from the Upcycled Down™ program, recycled cashmere knitwear, denim and shirting made from organic cotton, chrome-free tanned leather pieces and Seamless™ yoga wear featuring recycled nylon.

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