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Supplier Limonta

The snow-covered peaks of the southern Alps form a beautiful background to the village of Costa Masnaga, located north of Milan in the Lombardy region. The small village has been the home of textile manufacturer Limonta since the company was founded in 1893. A renowned specialist in woven fabrics and faux leather, the family-owned firm works closely with some of the world’s most selective and quality-minded luxury brands.

Limonta was originally focused on making intricate jacquard weaves for upholstery. Its production still includes home textiles but also fabrics and materials for apparel, shoes and accessories, as well as wallpaper and even artificial grass.

The company’s rich heritage is embodied by an extensive archive, holding thousands and thousands of cuttings from all fabrics ever produced by Limonta. It is a unique and captivating collection, worthy of any museum. The archive dates back to the late 19th century and also contains original, often hand-painted sketches of the jacquard patterns.

To be able to expand its business, Limonta has moved to modern facilities outside of its home village. The factories are high-tech and cover all stages from design to weaving, printing and finishing, and also have their own laboratory where tests and development are performed.

The company’s two weaving plants house around 300 looms for both jacquards and plain weaves, which are running for 24 hours a day, six days a week. However, with respect and loyalty to its beginnings, Limonta still has its base and home office in the centre of Costa Masnaga.

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