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Supplier Kowa

With a history dating back to 1894, Kowa is a Japanese supplier of cotton textiles and garments, and an expert in specially designed yarns and fabric finishes. The company co-owns an organic cotton field in India and is engaged in the local community by promoting education and healthy work practices.

Supplier Kowa

supplier Kowa

Kowa is a Japanese supplier of cotton yarns, textiles and garments, in operation since 1894. Part of the Kowa Group – associating over 100 companies in the textile and trading businesses – the company has around 1,900 employees skilled to work with its industry-leading technologies.

Focused on high-quality textiles with special finishes, Kowa is an expert in different cotton qualities such as fine-yarn, high-density and high-twisted yarn fabrics.

In collaboration with ACE, a Japanese NGO working against child labour, Kowa runs a small organic cotton field in India. Technicians from Japan teach organic farming and harvesting to the local communities to strengthen their independence and establish healthy work practices.

Except promoting the wellbeing of the workers and the environment, the program offers education opportunities to local children that would otherwise be at risk of being involved in child labour.