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Tailoring Alterations

All ARKET suits, blazers and trousers are made ready-to-wear but are tailored to allow alterations.

Sleeves – The blazers have a closed bottom buttonhole on the sleeve to allow easier shortening. A tailor can remove the stitching and add a new hole above the original row. The other three holes are open and functioning (but should remain buttoned).

Back – An extra allowance in the centre back and at the side seams allows a tailor to open and widen the back. This can be done to avoid fabric bunching up in the back, which is otherwise common especially on those with straight and square shoulders.

Pockets – The chest pocket is sewn shut but can be opened. The flap pockets are also shut, and should not be cut open (keys, wallet and other items will ruin the shape of the jacket); instead there are three inside pockets that can be used for small belongings.

Trousers – All trousers have a 5-centimetre hem allowance which means that they can be lengthened by up to 4.5 centimetres. The fit follows standard lengths where a size 50 is 81 centimetres long, plus or minus 6 millimetres for each size up or down. Similar to the blazers, there is an allowance at the back seam to enable widening, as well as an extra seam in the waist band to make it easier to open.