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Brand Serax

Founded in Antwerp in 1986 by two brothers, Serax is a world-renowned creator of tableware, pottery, furnishings and lighting, made in collaboration with established and emerging designers.

Brand Serax

Serax is a renowned manufacturer of homeware and fashion accessories born in Antwerp in 1986. Inspired by their mother’s small-scale flowerpot business, two brothers, Serge and Axel van Den Bossche, decided to expand the family trade.

Over the course of thirty years, Serax grew to become an international company with 65 employees and more than 4,000 products in its well-curated assortment of furnishings, lighting, tableware, pottery and other home décor and fashion items.

Working with both established and emerging designers such as Peter Arts and Daniel Ost, Serax has developed many successful collaborations, building its position on the interior design market as a revolutionary company with a keen eye on craftsmanship and a personal feeling.

Serax’s collection of tableware, created together with ceramic artist Roos van de Velde in 2009, has led the brand to become a go-to for Michelin restaurateurs all over the world, who use Serax products to enhance the aesthetics of their dining experience. Today, the company is run by Axel van Den Bossche, while Axel’s spouse – Marie Michielssen – is Serax’s house designer.

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