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brand Sabre Paris

Sabre Paris offers classic made-in-France cutlery and serveware, inspired by the lightness and flexibility of the fencing sabre.

brand Sabre Paris

Sabre Paris was founded in France in 1993 by Francis and Pascale Gelb. Their flatware and serveware collections combine traditional savoir-faire techniques with a creative freedom that allows for elements of colour, playful patterns and innovative materials. The sabre – a particularly slender but effective fencing weapon – was an early inspiration to their designs, putting focus on lightness and flexibility. The cutlery is made in France with blades of 18/10 stainless steel and durable, dyed-through acrylic handles. Sabre Paris advocates for the combination of single pieces in different styles and colours in order to create unique tableware sets that match the taste and needs of each individual.