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brand Penguin classics

To introduce ARKET’s first selection of paperbacks, friends of the British publishing house Penguin Books recommend their favourite works from their Classics collection.

brand Penguin Classics

Founded by three brothers in 1935, London-based Penguin Books is the world’s most recognisable publishing brand and a pioneer of accessible, high-quality paperbacks. Penguin was launched with the mission to make great literature available to new and larger audiences. Sold at a democratically low price and through everyday outlets like newsagents, department stores and railway station kiosks, they revolutionised how and where books were read. 

Penguin Classics was born in 1946 with the release of Homer’s Odyssey translated into modern and approachable English. Representing a global bookshelf of more than 1,800 works across genres and disciplines, it is the largest and best-known classics imprint in the world. With a focus on 20th-century writers from around the world, Penguin Modern Classics continues to redefine and reshape the ‘classics’ concept with an ever-evolving list of books.