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brand Duralex

Duralex has been manufacturing tempered-glass tableware in central France since 1945. The iconic designs are favoured in restaurants, cafeterias and homes throughout the world for their strength and durability.

brand Duralex

Duralex logo

Duralex was established in 1945 in the town of La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin in central France. The company has since then pioneered the manufacture of tempered-glass tableware – glass that has been heated to around 650°C and suddenly cooled by cold air ventilation. The treatment creates a controlled stress in the glass which improves most of its physical qualities, such as resistance to mechanical stress and thermal shock. A tempered-glass product is 2.5 stronger than conventional glass and tolerates heat up to 130°C. Practical, durable and stackable, Duralex glasses are associated with functional and utilitarian design. They have been exhibited in art museums and are used in restaurants, cafés and school canteens for all occasions, and are equally well suited for cold and hot drinks.