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Brand MT Tape

Brand MT Tape

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The MT brand was founded in 2008 by Japanese masking tape manufacturer Kamoi Kakoshi. Based in the Okayama prefecture, Kamoi Kakoshi have a century-long history of making adhesive tapes and laminated paper goods; their first products, launched in 1923, were fly-paper strips. The company’s original masking tapes were developed in the 1960s for industrial use. But after having been contacted by a group of women who used the products for craft projects, Kamoi Kakoshi began designing an entirely new category of colourful and patterned tapes to meet their requests. Made from washi, a thin and strong paper traditionally used in Japanese paper art, the semi-transparent MT Tape is easy to tear by hand and has a perfect adhesion level that allows it to be removed and repositioned without leaving any residue on the surface. The tapes can be used on paper, objects or painted walls, and is also easy to write on.