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Cleaning Soft soap

Made from saponified vegetable oils, soft soap is a bio-degradable and environmentally friendly all-purpose detergent. Dissolved in water, the soap is used for cleaning and preserving wooden floors, stone, tiles, and leather, as well as an effective stain-remover.

Cleaning Soft soap

Soft soap is a traditional all-purpose cleaning agent made from natural ingredients. Rich in fatty acids known for their protective properties, it has been used for centuries to clean and preserve various kinds of surfaces, from wooden floors and lacquered wood, to stone, marble and tiles, as well as leather and rubber.


Commonly made from pine oil, rapeseed oil, or linseed oil, soft soap is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. The vegetable fat is saponified by boiling it together with potassium hydroxide. This distinguishes the soap from regular hard soap made from fat and sodium hydroxide. The released glycerol is not removed, as opposed to the manufacturing of hard soap, which helps to give the soap a thick liquid texture.


Because of its high pH, soft soap dissolves grease and dirt easily and works well for hand washing and stain removal. It also slowly helps to bleach untreated wood and gives it a light, silvery shade over time. Soft soap has a slightly yellow or green colour and is sometimes scented with almond perfume.