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Theme Tea drinking

The earliest method of brewing tea was similar to the way matcha is prepared today. The traditions and practices of tea culture were first formulated in the poetic treatise ‘The classic of tea’. Written in 8th century China, it covers the growing, picking, brewing, serving, history and health benefits of tea. ’Pictorial of tea ware’, compiled in the 13th century, is a picture book with visual descriptions of all utensils needed in preparation, from water vessel to bowl and whisk. Originally, only green teas were consumed. Black tea is made with oxidised leaves from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, and has been favoured by Western tastes since the 1500s.

687006-807O Green tea

687006-807O Green Tea

Water temperature  80°C
Amount of tea  2g per 2dl water
Steeping time  3.5 minutes

Green tea is very mild with low tannin contents, but too hot water will produce a bitter taste. Let the tea steep for 3.5 minutes, then increase the steeping time to 4 minutes the second time.

687006-807O Linden tea

687006-807O Linden Tea

Water temperature 100°C
Amount of tea 2g per 2dl water / 12g per 1.5L
Steeping time 10-15 minutes

Infuse for at least 5 minutes – 10-15 minutes is recommended for a fuller taste. The tea will not develop tannins, even with longer steeping. Linden blossom is delightful as iced tea, but avoid cold brewing; instead steep a strong infusion with boiling water and let cool.

687006-807O Earl grey

687006-807O Earl Grey Tea

Water temperature 100°C
Amount of tea 2g per 2dl water
Steeping time 3.5 minutes

The tea can be re-steeped multiple times within a few hours of the initial infusion. Increase the steeping time up to 5 minutes the second time.

The organic ARKET loose-leaf teas are developed with Stockholm-based coffee roaster and tea trader Johan & Nyström. The green tea is grown in the mountainous Lào Cai province of north-western Vietnam, at an altitude of about 900 metres above sea level. Picked by hand and gently processed using traditional methods, it has a fresh, mild and slightly nutty flavour with subtle notes of apricot. The earl grey is a single-origin black tea from Nelliyampathy in the Kerala region of southwest India, flavoured with cold-pressed organic bergamot oil and natural limequat. The plants grow at about 1,000 metres and are plucked by hand, one leaf and a bud. The linden blossom tea is handpicked in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a region with a long tradition of making tea from herbs and flowers. Linden trees grow throughout the Northern Hemisphere and are known for their distinctive sweet scent in spring and summer. The fragrant yellow blossoms have a subtle, honey-like flavour with a hint of citrus.

brand SyuRo


SyuRo was founded in 1999 by interior designer Masuko Unayama as a small store and studio in east Tokyo. Located in a traditional manufacturing district filled with family-run factories and businesses, SyuRo employs and collaborates with local artisans and craftspeople and has been central to the revival and preservation of the area’s craft community. The brand is based on the spirit of monozukuri, a unique Japanese concept and approach to craft literally meaning ‘making things’ but which is infused with wider implications, containing both soul and skill, continuous improvement and a search for perfection in simplicity. The name SyuRo translates as ‘palm tree’ and represents the brand’s multiple branches of handcrafted goods, including metalwork, leatherwork and woodwork.

brand Hario

brand Hario

HARIO has become synonymous with artisanal coffee-making through innovative products like the V60 ceramic dripper and goose-neck pouring kettles. The company was founded in Tokyo in 1921 as a glassware manufacturer specialising in heatproof equipment for scientific laboratories and medical use. The first household products and brewing equipment were launched in the 1950s, including the complex Coffee Syphon. An early prototype of the V60 dripper was developed soon after but its final design was not commercially released until 2005. HARIO continues to manufacture heatproof glassware from natural minerals but today’s product range spans from automobile headlights to Japanese teas, kitchenware and aromatherapy.