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From us to you: Upcycled Down™

The Upcycled Down™ program is a special collection that we are particularly proud of. The research and design processes behind it began six years ago, and at the time, our mission felt colossal: to use as little raw materials as possible to produce down outerwear suited for the versatile needs of the modern-day wardrobe. Years and efforts later, ARKET Upcycled Down™ has become a favourite among our community – and that includes ourselves.

This edit is a thank you to the people who made it happen and the people who love what we do. It’s also a celebration of daring to overcome obstacles, and an encouragement to continue working towards bigger change. We have gathered members of the ARKET staff, family and friends – the biggest fans of the collection – to join the party and show their own take on the Upcycled Down ™ story.

Sofia Snöborgs Tüll, Head of Production at ARKET  ‘The priority, in terms of quality and sustainability, was to work with sustainably sourced and long-lasting materials. If you take good care of your down product it can last for a very long time. I feel very proud when I see the latest campaign we just launched. It makes me think about all the hard work behind the products we make at ARKET – from carefully chosen materials and the attention to the details to the great collaboration between teams. There is a big need of collaboration in between our own teams and our suppliers to make great results.’


Andrew Rydert Marsh, Senior Buyer at ARKET   ‘Because of the nature of my job, I’ve been using the jacket since before it launched. When I first had it, I saw it as a purely functional jacket but now it’s transitioned to become my autumn and winter everyday piece: it can get dirty, it can be easily cleaned, and it’s still in the same condition as when I first got it. It works in function, as it keeps you warm. It works in style, and is perfect for taking my daughter to the park. We wanted to unify form and function, and the result is just that: a simple design that works.’


Klara Hamnmark, Department Manager at ARKET Stockholm Store.   ‘Everybody loves the jackets. The customers see them, and they immediately want to try one on. They fall in love with them in a second. We often hear reactions about how flattering the fit is, or how nice it is that there are no unnecessary details that make you wonder if you’ll be able to wear it next year. They see the potential for durability not just in the quality but also the style.’
Senne Huveneers, Menswear Head of Design at ARKET.  ‘Our goal was to make a 100% sustainable down jacket, which was not really doable at the time. We started looking into this six years ago, which is when we stumbled upon Re:Down. Their concept was so interesting – they use renewable energy and thermal water to clean the down. So we set out to do this fully recycled jacket – everything is recycled, even the thread, except for the metal zippers, which is something we are working on. We wanted a down jacket without down bags, which prevent the down from migrating, adding weight and creating an extra resource that we didn’t want to use. That’s why our jacket is so light. Finding the right shell fabric also took time. We wanted something utilitarian, more generic and versatile: as simple as possible.’
Josefin Bergman, Project Manager at ARKET  ‘It's the design that made me buy the jacket. The fact that it is made from pre-used materials makes me feel that it was an even better purchase. I often think through any purchase several times – what I buy should be of good quality, and timeless design. I care about my garments, and I believe in teaching children to take care of their things, showing that you can fix or give new life by making something new from a product: reselling, recycling or upcycling.’
Ville Klemming, Head of Growth and Sustainability at ARKET  ‘Seeing our Upcycled Down™ program being worn by so many people is something I’m so proud of. The love for the product makes me happy. Also, this jacket gives us a chance to talk about sustainability at home with our children, a chance to educate them. Having sustainability talking points with them is vital because then you can have a conversation about why it’s crucial to take these actions. This jacket is special, because it’s recycled, and that’s important for the future of this planet. We need to have this kind of conversation as often as possible.’

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