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brand Nihon Rikagaku

Nihon Rikagaku was founded in Tokyo in 1937 and produces all-natural coloured chalks and crayons, including the award-winning Kitpas series of erasable and water-soluble markers.

nihon rikagaku logo

Founded in south Tokyo in 1937, Nihon Rikagaku manufactures blackboards and dustless chalks – widely used in Japanese schools – and award-winning colourful crayons and markers. All products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and made in Japan. 

Originally focused on manufacturing naturally smooth chalks from discarded scallop shells, the company later developed the Kitpas series of erasable and water-soluble coloured crayons. The crayons are made from eco-friendly paraffin wax and can be used on multiple surfaces, from paper to glass and tile. 

Since 1960, Nihon Rikagaku’s work has been characterised by a strong social awareness, and today the majority of its employees are men and women with various learning disabilities.